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Artist Ulla Norup Milbrath spent a truly gypsy-like-childhood traveling the world. She studied design and art history in college and after graduating, she created and sold art dolls and jewelry for 15 years to clients such as the Smithsonian Museum.

Ulla taught high school art and ceramics for a few years and now teaches a variety of arts including paper and fiber arts, jewelry design, and paper-clay sculpting in her studio in Northern California, as well as at 'Castle In The Air' in Berkeley, California.

Her artistic vision is rooted in nostalgia, romance, and whimsy, with a heavy dose of love for nature and fairy tales. Her happiest times have been those creating things with her own hands and then sharing them with others.

When not creating or teaching, Ulla loves to spend time chasing her dogs, having picnics with her husband and daughter under the apple tree near her studio, taking care of her parents and trying to laugh as much as possible!